WordPress Development

WordPress themes built from scratch using custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Gutenberg Blocks, PHP, and WooCommerce.


Build Custom Themes

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System, and was historically seen as a blogging platform with a core functionality based around posts and basic pages. Today it has evolved into an advanced templating system which offers the developer full control over content and presentation.

The WordPress themes I build are created from scratch, using custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Gutenberg Blocks, and PHP. I can work with the WordPress template hierarchy to create page template and custom post types — or preferably create a modular CMS architecture using Gutenberg Blocks which can be inserted or removed based on user needs.

Build Custom WordPress Themes

Gutenberg Development

Gutenberg has revolutionised content creation in WordPress, allowing editors to insert or remove any block whenever they want, based on user needs. For developers, the technology is a move away from PHP templating, and towards a more modern React-based framework in which the interface, the data, and all of the front-end code are tightly interconnected.

With Gutenberg you can build complex data structures using React, JSX, and JavaScript, rather than having to rely on page builders & plugins to structure your content. You can use repeatable blocks to create carousels and galleries, access the WordPress Data API to intelligently manipulate data, and fully customise the user interface for a more intuitive editing experience.

Gutenberg Development


WooCommerce is a highly customisable and officially-supported ecommerce platform built by the developers behind WordPress itself. It has an extremely low barrier to entry and, being an open-source platform integrated into WordPress core, makes custom development very straightforward.

You can set up multiple pricing structures on a single site, take any kind of payment from bookings to subscriptions to physical products, and integrate your WooCommerce store with virtually any service with a wide range of officially-supported plugins.

WooCommerce Development