Fluent JavaScript

Creating a dynamic and enjoyable user experience, this powerful programming language promotes fun, functional, and engaging user experiences.


An Enjoyable User Experience

Javascript is the behavioural layer of web development, interacting seamlessly with the structural layer (HTML) and the presentational layer (CSS). It provides greater interactivity and control to websites, and is a powerful language deployed everywhere from brochure websites to huge web applications.

Javascript promotes a dynamic and enjoyable user experience, making ordinary websites more engaging, and delighting users with a truly immersive experience.

Vanilla JavaScript is my preferred way of writing JS, and I can also write jQuery for use with plugins, AJAX requests, and APIs.

Fluent JavaScript

DOM Manipulation

The Document Object Model is the logical structure of an HTML document which can be manipulated through Javascript by selecting, modifying, and creating elements, repeating processes efficiently by looping through large volumes of data, and responding to user interactions such as clicking a button or swiping left or right.

When seamlessly integrated with HTML and CSS, DOM manipulation allows you to transform web pages from mere “pages” into tactile surfaces that can be reconfigured into anything you want.

JavaScript: DOM Manipulation

Applications and APIs

While it is possible to create fun, interactive web pages using Vanilla JavaScript and DOM manipulation, it is only by incorporating external APIs that you can really start to create JavaScript applications.

APIs allow you to import database content directly into your website via front-end JavaScript, rather than having to rely on server-side technologies such as PHP and MySQL. You could use the Google Maps API to create an interactive campus map which calculates walking & driving directions based on a user’s location, or a photographer’s portoflio website which retrieves their images directly from the Flickr API.

JavaScript: Applications and APIs